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apartment 2 in holland park


Stage: In Build

Welcome to our exciting project in Holland Park. The apartment was in dire need of a modern update, which is why our clients brought us on board. Our team has been working tirelessly to reconfigure the layout, update the windows and doors, lighting, and heating systems, as well as the interior fixtures and finishes. Our goal is to create a space that is not only modern but also functional and visually appealing.


the brief. 

Our brief was simple yet challenging - create a spacious, modern apartment that stands the test of time. We knew we had to work within the confines of a 1960s building while still making significant updates to the internal layout. Our team took on the challenge and has been working hard to deliver a space that exceeds our client's expectations.


what we did.

 During the initial concept design stage, we collaborated closely with our clients to understand their vision for the space. As the apartment is situated within a 1960s block, we were mindful of the external visual amenity of the building. This meant that all of our proposed internal updates were designed in such a way that it wouldn't affect the openings of any fenestration openings. The final layout comprises of a spacious 2 bedroom apartment, with a study/guest bedroom and large open plan living kitchen area.

We submitted an application to update the fenestration at the rear of the ground floor, reconfigure wall positions, add aluminium framed glazing to rear-facing ground floor flats, and add five sets of French doors with electronic opening fanlights above.

We gained planning for the property and worked on developing the design drawings, as well as creating the structural engineering package.



what we are doing. 

The project has been completed, and the handover phase has begun. Our team has worked hard to bring the project to life, and we are looking forward to showcasing the final result to everyone. The end result is a sophisticated and elegant Kensington Apartment that reflects our client's vision. All of their furniture is now in place, adding a warm and personal touch to the project. We are currently wrapping up the final few details, and the handover stage will commence soon. 


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