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renovation in kew


Stage: Awaiting Planning

At Hamilton King, we have been brought in to redevelop this previously extended detached house in Kew. Our clients, who are currently living abroad, have purchased the property with the ambition to turn it into a modern family home. Being on a tight deadline to renovate in time for their return to UK, we have been working efficiently to a concise brief.

the brief. 

The brief is to create a practical, comfortable and resilient home with excellent storage. The client’s main priority is to create a family friendly space on the ground floor, which is suited to both cosy evenings and entertaining.

Our plan is to remove the current poorly designed single storey pitched roof rear extension and to replace it with a flat roofed ground floor rear & side infill extension. We will also be opening up the ground floor of the home with a single storey side extension with fully glazed roof.

The first and second floors will also be reconfigured to create a master suite, childrens rooms and 2 home offices. To do this we will be adding of 2 rear dormers & 1 front dormer at second floor level. We will also be extending the existing basement to make it the full footprint of the house.

what we did.

As our clients had such a clear brief and deadline, we were able to quickly translate their needs into sleek modern designs during the initial design concept phase.

The property had gained planning prior to our clients purchasing, which was still valid. This meant we were confident to skip the pre-planning stage of our process and move swiftly onto the developed design stage. In this stage we had external parties conduct all the necessary surveys & we developed the designs further.

What we are doing.

We recently have prepared and submitted all the relevant information and documents needed to gain planning. We are currently monitoring the outcome of the planning applications, whilst also pushing ahead with the proposed scheme by working on the technical design stage. This stage involves working on the architectural design, construction package & interior design, mechanical & electrical design & specification, landscaping & external surfaces, as well as creating all the preconstruction information.

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